jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

Hezbollah está vaciando el sur del Líbano de residentes cristianos

Tras la retirada israelí del sur del Líbano, hace diez años, 6.500 ciudadanos libaneses que huyeron a Israel en busca de refugio mientras duraran las hostilidades, no pudieron regresar a sus hogares, ante las acusaciones de traición, las torturas y los juicios sumarísimos a los que fueron y están siendo sometidos. El líder de Hezbollah, jeque Nasrallah, les amenazó con entrar en sus casas y degollarlos...

The most frightening threats were uttered personally by Hezbollah's General Secretary, Sheik Nasrallah, who savagely said, “We will enter their bedrooms, pierce their stomachs, slaughter them and slice their throats.”

Since 2000, many of these 6500 individuals risked returning to Lebanon. On their return they were immediately arrested, humiliated, tortured and charged with treason and collaboration with an enemy (Israel). Their trials were extremely hasty, biased, scandalous and terrible infringement on all judicial international standards and human rights charters. Even after serving their imprisonment terms they were all stripped of their civil rights and officially tagged as traitors. Very few of those who served their imprisonment terms were able to return to their homes and towns.

Many of these unfortunate Lebanese refugees willingly left Israel and are now living in the USA, Canada, Australia, and numerous European countries. All of them are afraid to go back home, because of the kind of falsified and fabricated Hezbollah-Tailored charges that are waiting for them the moment they land in Lebanon. Those who did return ended in jail after unfair and biased trials with harsh verdicts.In the context of Hezbollah’s fanaticism, revenge and hatred, and in the realm of its ongoing scheme to empty the southern region of its Christian inhabitants, the Lebanese military court sentenced on February 01/2010 with a stroke of a pen 34 citizens in absentia (living as refugees in Israel and other countries) with verdicts ranging from 3 to 15 years of imprisonment with hard labor and stripped them of their civil rights.

Todo esto ocurre ante los ojos impávidos de las tropas españolas, ante el mandato de la ONU, ante las narices de los periodistas que sólo esperan la siguiente "atrocidad" de Israel para "informar" de ella, ante las ONGs, sólo preocupadas por la reconstrucción, pero no por los derechos de las mujeres, ni de los gays. Y mucho menos de los cristianos:

This happens in front of the UN forces of FINUL, under the current leadership of the Spanish army. And under the noses of all international journalists and TV networks, waiting to report the next "atrocity" of Israel. And in front of the windows of all NGOs based there taking care of the "refugees" and the "reconstruction" (not women or gay rights, much less Christians').

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