lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

La candidata del Tea Party en Texas

Es la canditata sorpresa en las elecciones para gobernador de Texas. Es una política no profesional que cita a economistas autríacos, a Bastiat, a San Agustín... Que se opone a la existencia de la Reserva Federal y a cualquier impuestro sobre la propiedad, por expropiatorio... "Hay dos derechos esenciales para la libertad: la propiedad privada y la posesión de armas". Se trata de Debra Medina.

She began her stump speech again, still wearing the outfit she had in Lytle. But when it comes to speeches Medina is no Sarah Palin. She has no need to write on her hand to remember her talking points. Instead her speech was a complex walk through her extreme anti-government philosophy, citing sources as varied as the Austrian school of economics, St Augustine and modern French philosophers. She said she wanted to get rid of property taxes and allow Texans to do whatever they wanted with anything they owned, whether that was dig for oil or build an extension. There was, she said, no constitutional basis for a federal Department of Education or an Environmental Protection Agency or the Federal Reserve. Texas should assert its rights almost as a nation-state, controlling over its own National Guard units. The disdain for government was visceral. The American way, she said, was simple. "There are two rights essential to freedom: private property and gun ownership."

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