jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

El origen pirata de los perseguidores actuales de piratas

El origen de los derechos de copia descansa en la censura. Literalmente. Ante la amenaza que supuso la imprenta para poder controlar la difusión del pensamiento, se inició la censura y los COPYRIGHT. De la mano. Esto lo copias, esto no. 
Por otro lado, el origen de las PATENTES va unido a los piratas, en su sentido literal. Ahí las patentes de corso (derecho a ser pirata de los mares) que la reina británica certificaba a Francis Drake:   

When you look at the history of it, the origins of copyright lie in censorship, literal censorship. Basically, they were afraid of the "menace of printing," because now the church and the government couldn't control so easily the distribution of what thoughts were, officially, to be promulgated to people. So the roots of copyright are in censorship, literally.
The roots of patents — this is something I will mention in the speech at the Supporter's Summit. I was mentioning it to you the other day. Ironically, the origins of patents are in piracy, literally in piracy. Nowadays you hear the defenders of IP attack so-called pirates. Of course, as you and I have discussed, they are not pirates at all, because real pirates kill people and break things and take things from you and make you worse off. IP pirates don't do that.
One of the original uses of what is called letters patent was a grant to Francis Drake. Drake became a privateer, which is nothing but a legalized pirate. He went around the world using these letters patent, granted to him by the Queen of England, to plunder and to steal and to bring the treasures back home. He was literally a pirate authorized by a patent. So patents and piracy do go hand in hand actually.

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